Below are links to websites I have found interesting, useful, or usually both.

Canadian Cartographic Association

The goals of the Canadian Cartographic Association are:


  • Promoting interest in maps and related cartographic materials

  • Furthering the understanding and knowledge of maps by encouraging research in the field of cartography, both historical and current

  • Providing for the exchange of ideas and information and for the discussion of mutual concerns, through meetings and by publications

  • Advancing education in cartography and in the use of maps.

ESRI - Maps We Love

A page dedicated to displaying some of the amazing maps being produced by cartographers and GIS nerds from all over the worlds.  The creativity on display is inspiring.

Andy Woodruff

Andy is a cartographer based out of Massachusetts.  As well as having a cartography company, he makes some pretty neat maps for interests' sake and posts them on his blog.  Look for his Great Circle visualization map, and his how to walk down a sidewalk instructional maps. 

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